Top 8 Coffee Shops for Delicious Cold Brew

Known for its delicious caffeinated drinks, including lattes, espressos, frappuccinos, and nitro cold brews.


Perfectly balanced cold brew, diverse drink options, stylish cafes, and expanding e-commerce and subscription services.

Blue Bottle Coffee

Famous for their delicious cold brew, Aussie iced lattes, cappuccinos, smoothies, and seasonal meals.

Bluestone Lane

Famous for its Baridi Blend cold brew, blended with medium-roasted East African and South American coffees for a rich chocolate, citrus, and dark berry flavor.

Peet's Coffee

Early cold brew pioneers, famous for their creamy nitro cold brew and standout menu items like the Southern Wedding Cake Iced Latte and Ghirardelli cocoa-infused hot mocha.

PJ's Coffee

Beloved chain with 30+ shops, excellent coffee, and a variety of cold brew options, including nitro variations and Colombian cold brew, for purchase.

La Colombe

Small chain with exceptional cold brew, innovative chilled options like horchata and chocolate cold brews, and their unique Strange Magic fizzy drink made from cascara.


Dunkin': 11,300+ locations worldwide, renowned for delicious cold brew with 100% Arabica beans, 12-hour steeping for smooth, full-bodied flavor with sweet, chocolate notes.


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