World's 10 largest deserts, one in USA


Located in Antarctica, it is the largest desert in the world, covering approximately 5.5 million square miles.

Antarctic Desert


Stretching across the Arctic regions of North America, Europe, and Asia, it is the second-largest desert, spanning about 5.4 million square miles.

Arctic Desert


Situated in northern Africa, the Sahara Desert is the world's third-largest desert, covering around 3.6 million square miles.

Sahara Desert


Located in the Arabian Peninsula, it is the fourth-largest desert, spanning approximately 900,000 square miles.

Arabian Desert


Found in northern China and southern Mongolia, the Gobi Desert is the fifth-largest desert, covering about 500,000 square miles.

Gobi Desert


Located in southern Africa, the Kalahari Desert extends across parts of Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa, covering around 360,000 square miles.

Kalahari Desert


Situated in Argentina and Chile, the Patagonian Desert is the largest desert in the Americas, covering approximately 260,000 square miles.

Patagonian Desert


Found in Western Australia, the Great Victoria Desert is the largest desert in Australia, spanning about 250,000 square miles.

Great Victoria Desert


Located in the Middle East, the Syrian Desert covers parts of Syria, Jordan, and Iraq, spanning approximately 200,000 square miles.

Syrian Desert


The Chihuahuan Desert is North America's largest, comprising 175,000 square miles in the southwestern US and northern Mexico.

Chihuahuan Desert

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