World's most expensive travel experiences


Experience weightlessness and see Earth from space aboard a suborbital spacecraft.

Suborbital Space Flight: 


Private Island Retreat: Renting a private island for a luxurious and exclusive getaway with personalized services and amenities.

Private Island Retreat: 


Embark on an extravagant safari experience in Africa, staying at high-end lodges and encountering wildlife in style.

Luxury Safari: 


Travel in opulence aboard iconic luxury trains like the Orient Express or the Blue Train, enjoying breathtaking scenery and gourmet dining.

Luxury Train Journeys: 


Explore the Arctic region on a luxury expedition cruise, witnessing polar landscapes and wildlife up close.

Arctic Expedition: 


Embark on a lavish journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway, traveling across Russia in style and comfort.

Trans-Siberian Railway in Luxury: 


Rent a private yacht with crew, cruising through exotic destinations and enjoying luxurious accommodations on the water.

Yacht Charter: 


Indulge in high-end dining experiences such as tasting menus at Michelin-starred restaurants or private chef-led culinary tours.

Exclusive Culinary Experiences: 


Take to the skies in a private helicopter, exploring scenic destinations and enjoying breathtaking aerial views.

Luxury Helicopter Tours: 

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