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10 Things Every House in the 70s Had That No One Sees Today


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Welcome to a trip down memory lane, where we revisit the distinctive features that adorned houses in the 70s. These were more than just design choices; they were a reflection of an era. Join us as we explore 10 things that every house in the 70s had, which have now become rare sights in contemporary homes.

Wood Paneling

In the 70s, wood paneling was a ubiquitous presence, gracing the walls of countless homes. It brought a sense of coziness and rustic charm, creating a warm atmosphere. Fast forward to today, and you’ll find that wood paneling has largely disappeared, making way for sleeker and more modern finishes.

Shag Carpeting

Picture stepping onto a floor covered in shag carpeting—the epitome of plush and textured luxury in the 70s. Today, however, homes have shifted towards the elegance of hardwood or laminate flooring, relegating shag carpets to the realms of nostalgia.

Avocado Green and Harvest Gold Appliances

The 70s kitchen was a riot of colors, with appliances proudly displaying vibrant hues like avocado green and harvest gold. In stark contrast, contemporary kitchens favor the polished look of stainless steel or the neutrality of modern tones, making those colorful appliances a rare find.

Popcorn Ceilings

One couldn’t escape the textured charm of popcorn ceilings in 70s homes. Their unique appearance was a defining feature. Nowadays, modern design trends lean towards smooth, flat ceilings, making popcorn ceilings a thing of the past.

Lava Lamps

A staple of 70s decor, lava lamps added a touch of the psychedelic to living spaces. Their colorful, mesmerizing light was a source of fascination. Today, they’ve become more of a nostalgic relic than a mainstream decor choice, embodying a bygone era.

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Macramé and Wall Hangings

The walls of 70s homes often featured intricate macramé wall hangings, imparting a bohemian flair. Contrast that with the present, where decor trends lean towards minimalism, favoring fewer ornate wall hangings and a cleaner aesthetic.

Earth-Toned Color Schemes

Homes in the 70s embraced earthy color palettes with shades of browns, oranges, and yellows. Contemporary design, on the other hand, tends to favor more neutral tones and subtle color combinations, ushering in a shift in aesthetic preferences.

Bean Bag Chairs

Who could forget the casual comfort of bean bag chairs, a quintessential part of 70s relaxation? In the present day, homes opt for more structured and stylized furniture, leaving behind the laid-back charm of bean bags.


The 70s witnessed the rise of waterbeds, a unique and trendy bedroom feature. However, the modern bedroom is more likely to feature a traditional mattress, signaling the decline of this once-popular trend.

Mushroom Barley Soup

Beyond decor, the 70s were known for distinctive culinary choices, including the comforting goodness of mushroom barley soup. Today’s culinary landscape may have evolved, but the memories of this earthy dish linger as a taste of the past.

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