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7 Attractive Long Hairstyles For Men


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Welcome to our guide on “7 Attractive Long Hairstyles for Men.” Long hairstyles have become increasingly popular among men, offering a range of versatile and attractive options. Whether you’re looking for a laid-back, bohemian vibe or a more polished and sophisticated appearance, long hair opens up a world of styling possibilities.

In this blog post, we’ll explore seven attractive long hairstyles tailored to suit different preferences and lifestyles. From effortless beach waves to carefully styled man buns, our guide aims to inspire and provide insights into the world of long hairstyles for men. Join us as we navigate through various looks that allow you to express your unique style and make a statement with your locks.

Best Long Hairstyles For Men

Long hairstyles for men have gained popularity in recent years, offering a stylish and unique look that stands out in a crowd. Whether you’re aiming for a surfer-inspired vibe or a sleek professional appearance, there’s a long hairstyle that suits your taste. Get ready to embrace your long locks and elevate your style with these eye-catching hairstyles.

1. Man Bun

The Versatile Classic

The man bun, a timeless and versatile long hairstyle, entails gathering your hair into a bun positioned at the back of your head. This style not only serves the practical purpose of keeping your hair neatly in place but also adds a distinctive touch of style. Embracing the man bun provides a sleek and polished appearance, making it suitable for various occasions, be it casual outings or more formal events.

Its adaptability allows you to transition seamlessly from a laid-back day to a sophisticated evening. Beyond aesthetics, the man bun is a functional choice, ensuring your hair stays out of your face. As you sport this enduring hairstyle, you effortlessly blend practicality with a fashion-forward look, showcasing a commitment to both style and functionality.

The man bun stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of long hairstyles, offering a seamless fusion of form and function for the modern man.

2. Flowing Locks

The Surfer’s Charm

Achieve a laid-back, surfer-inspired look by letting your long hair flow freely. This style, characterized by long and wavy locks, effortlessly exudes an attractive and relaxed, beachy vibe. The beauty of this hairstyle lies in its simplicity, allowing your natural waves to take center stage. The long, flowing locks create a carefree aura, making it perfect for those who want to embrace a more effortless and natural appearance.

This surfer-inspired style not only taps into the relaxed beach aesthetic but also highlights the versatility of long hair. As you let your waves cascade, you embody a sense of freedom and embrace the beauty of your natural texture. It’s a hairstyle that effortlessly captures the essence of leisure and spontaneity, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a laid-back, yet stylish, appearance.

Let your long, wavy locks be a statement of easygoing charm, reflecting a connection with nature and a love for the carefree moments in life.

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3. Shoulder-Length Waves

Laid-Back Sophistication

Maintaining shoulder-length hair with loose waves provides a perfect balance between a laid-back and refined look. This versatile hairstyle offers a touch of elegance without veering into overly formal territory. The loose waves add a natural and effortless charm, making it an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy the benefits of long hair without the potential feeling of overwhelming length. The shoulder-length cut provides manageability while still allowing for creative styling.

This look is not only stylish but also easy to maintain, offering a practical solution for those who appreciate a touch of sophistication in their everyday appearance. Whether you’re headed to the office or a casual outing, shoulder-length hair with loose waves effortlessly adapts to various settings, showcasing your effortless sense of style.

As you embrace this balanced hairstyle, you’ll exude a refined and relaxed aura, capturing the essence of a contemporary and approachable look. Let your shoulder-length waves be a statement of easy elegance, blending the best of both worlds for a hairstyle that is both chic and practical.

4. Layered Cut

Texture and Volume

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Elevate the appeal of your long hair by opting for a layered cut, a choice that adds texture and volume to your locks. This style not only provides a modern aesthetic but also contributes to a well-groomed appearance, making it increasingly popular among men with long hair. The strategic placement of layers introduces movement and depth, injecting a sense of freshness and vitality into your overall look. The layers create a dynamic and stylish effect, allowing your hair to flow with a natural grace.

Beyond its aesthetic advantages, a layered cut is versatile and adapts well to various styling options, from casual to more refined looks. Whether you prefer a tousled, carefree appearance or a polished, sophisticated finish, the layered cut ensures your long hair maintains a contemporary and stylish edge. As you embrace this haircut, you not only enhance the visual interest of your hair but also showcase a keen sense of style, embodying the perfect balance of modernity and individuality.

Let the layered cut be your go-to choice for achieving texture, volume, and a fresh, stylish appearance with your long locks.

5. Ponytail

Sleek and Professional

Opting for a low or high ponytail to secure your long hair is a timeless and professional choice that radiates sophistication. This sleek and tidy hairstyle is versatile, seamlessly transitioning between office settings and social events. The ponytail not only keeps your long locks under control but also contributes to a polished and refined appearance. Its simplicity belies its effectiveness, making it a go-to option for those who desire an effortlessly chic look.

The adaptability of the ponytail allows you to maintain a sense of professionalism while embracing the practicality of a well-secured hairstyle. Whether attending meetings or enjoying a social gathering, the ponytail ensures your long hair remains neat and tidy, reflecting a commitment to both style and functionality.

As you confidently sport this timeless hairstyle, you effortlessly merge professionalism with a touch of understated elegance, proving that simplicity can be the key to a sophisticated and enduring look. Let the long ponytail be your signature style, a classic choice that stands the test of time in various settings.

6. Half-Up, Half-Down

Balanced and Trendy

Elevate your style with the half-up, half-down look, a trend that strikes a perfect balance between neat sophistication and the free-flowing charm of long hair. This versatile hairstyle involves gathering the top half of your long locks into a bun or tying it back while allowing the bottom half to cascade freely. The result is a harmonious and trendy appearance that combines the best of both worlds. This style not only showcases the beauty of your long hair but also offers a neat and polished finish at the crown, making it suitable for a range of occasions.

Whether you’re headed to a casual outing or a more formal event, the half-up, half-down style adapts effortlessly, proving to be a timeless and on-trend choice. As you embrace this balanced look, you’ll exude a sense of modern elegance, showcasing your commitment to both style and versatility. Let the half-up, half-down style be your go-to for achieving a trendy and harmonious look that complements the natural charm of your long hair.

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7. Braided Styles

Unique and Eye-Catching

Embark on a journey of self-expression by experimenting with braided styles to achieve a unique and eye-catching look for your long hair. Whether you choose intricate cornrows or a single braid down the back, braids introduce a distinctive touch that sets your hairstyle apart. Beyond their visual appeal, braids become more than just a hairstyle; they become a conversation starter and a powerful means of expressing your individuality.

The versatility of braided styles allows you to convey a range of moods and aesthetics, from bohemian chic to edgy and modern. As you weave through different braiding options, you not only enhance the visual interest of your long hair but also embrace a cultural and artistic aspect of hairstyling.

Let your braided styles be a canvas for self-expression, reflecting your unique personality and becoming a signature element of your overall look. In the world of braids, every plait tells a story, making your long hair an artful representation of your individual style and creativity.

Bottom Line

Long hairstyles for men offer a unique and attractive option to showcase your personal style and individuality. From casual and carefree to polished and refined, there are numerous options to choose from when it comes to long hairstyles. With proper care and maintenance, you can rock your long locks with confidence and style. So, whether you prefer a man bun, flowy waves, or a layered cut, embrace the versatility of long hair and elevate your look with these attractive long hairstyles for men.


Some popular long hairstyles for men include the man bun, the curtain haircut, the long wavy hairstyle, and the layered cut. These styles offer a range of options for different hair types and personal preferences, allowing you to find the perfect long hairstyle that suits your style.

How can I keep my long hair healthy and well-maintained?

To keep your long hair healthy and well-maintained, it’s important to regularly wash and condition it. Use a wide-toothed comb or a brush specifically designed for long hair to prevent tangling. Additionally, trimming the ends every few months helps prevent split ends and keeps your hair looking fresh and neat.

Can I style my long hair for formal occasions?

Absolutely! Long hair can be styled for formal occasions as well. You can try a sleek and polished low ponytail, a half-up, half-down hairstyle with a twist, or a neatly styled bun. These styles add an elegant touch to your look and are perfect for weddings, parties, or other formal events.

How can I add texture and volume to my long hair?

To add texture and volume to your long hair, you can use texturizing products, such as sea salt spray or volumizing mousse. Scrunching your hair while blow-drying or using a diffuser attachment can also create natural-looking waves and add volume. Experiment with different styling techniques to achieve the desired texture and volume for your long hair.

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