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7 Electric Cars to Avoid Buying


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As the automotive industry accelerates into the electric era, choosing the right electric vehicle (EV) is crucial. In this guide, we’ll shed light on seven electric cars that, despite their initial appeal, might not be the wisest choices. Let’s delve into the reasons behind these considerations.

1. Fisker Karma: A Struggling Pioneer

The Fisker Karma, an early player in the luxury EV scene, faced significant hurdles. Issues with the battery and electrical system hampered reliability, causing a decline in its reputation.

2. Chevrolet Spark EV: A Limited Contender

Chevrolet’s Spark EV, while a commendable attempt, had limitations, especially concerning its range. Battery degradation issues further impacted its overall performance, making it a less attractive choice.

3. Mitsubishi i-MiEV: Lagging Behind in Features

The i-MiEV from Mitsubishi struggled to keep pace with other electric vehicles. Its short driving range and lack of advanced features put it at a disadvantage in the competitive EV market.

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4. Smart EQ ForTwo: Compact, But Not Cutting Edge

The Smart EQ ForTwo, with its compact design, faced criticism for its limited range and outdated technology. In a rapidly advancing EV landscape, these drawbacks became glaring.

5. BMW i3 REx: Range Extender, Reliability Concerns

BMW’s i3 REx, featuring a range extender, raised eyebrows due to reliability concerns. Its overall range also failed to compete with newer electric vehicles entering the market.

6. Ford Focus Electric: Limited Range in a Familiar Package

While offering a design familiar to Ford enthusiasts, the Focus Electric fell short with its limited range. In a market where range is a critical factor, it struggled to match newer competitors.

7. Nissan Leaf (2011-2012 Models): Early Struggles with Battery Capacity

The Nissan Leaf, a pioneer in affordable electric cars, faced challenges in its early models. Battery capacity issues impacted performance and range, though subsequent models addressed and improved upon these concerns.

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