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7 Protective Hairstyles For Natural Hair Growth 2023


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Natural hair requires special care to thrive, and one effective way to promote growth while minimizing damage is through protective hairstyles. Let’s delve into seven fabulous options for 2023.

Maintaining natural hair can be a journey, and finding the right protective styles is crucial for healthy growth. In 2023, we have seven protective hairstyles that not only shield your hair but also add flair to your look.

Braided Updo

A chic and protective style, braided updos keep hair tucked away while promoting growth and minimizing breakage.

Braided updos are not just a stylish choice; they actively protect your natural hair. By keeping your hair neatly tucked away, you’re reducing the risk of breakage and promoting growth.

Twists or Two-Strand Twists

These versatile and low-maintenance twists protect the hair by keeping it in a twisted form, aiding length retention.

Twists are a go-to option for many naturalistas. Their versatility and low-maintenance nature make them a practical choice. The twists keep the hair in a protective twisted form, aiding in length retention.

Bantu Knots

Not only a stylish statement but also a protective style that helps prevent damage and retains moisture for healthier growth.

Bantu knots are more than just a fashion statement. They act as a protective style, preventing damage to your natural hair. Additionally, they help retain moisture, contributing to healthier growth.

Flat Twists

Similar to cornrows but less tension, flat twists offer a sleek look while safeguarding the hair and promoting natural growth.

Flat twists provide a sleek appearance without the tension associated with traditional cornrows. This style not only looks great but also safeguards your hair, promoting its natural growth.

Protective Wigs or Weaves

Opting for high-quality wigs or weaves allows natural hair to rest while still experimenting with different styles and lengths.

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Sometimes, the best way to protect your natural hair is to let it rest. High-quality wigs or weaves provide the perfect opportunity to do just that while still allowing you to experiment with different styles and lengths.

Halo Braids or Crown Braids

Gently braiding the hair around the crown protects the edges and length while looking elegant and fashionable.

Halo braids or crown braids are not only protective but also elegant. By gently braiding the hair around the crown, you’re safeguarding the edges and length, achieving a fashionable look.

Low Manipulation Styles (Buns, Ponytails)

Simple styles like buns or ponytails protect natural hair by reducing manipulation and friction, supporting healthy growth.

Sometimes, simplicity is key. Low manipulation styles, such as buns or ponytails, protect natural hair by minimizing manipulation and friction, ultimately supporting healthy growth.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Protective Styles

Now that we’ve explored these fantastic protective styles, let’s go through a step-by-step guide on how you can create them at home.

Tips for Maintaining Natural Hair Health

In addition to rocking these protective styles, it’s essential to follow some general tips for maintaining the overall health of your natural hair.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

While protective styles are beneficial, there are common mistakes people make. Let’s explore these pitfalls and learn how to steer clear of them.

Incorporating Accessories for Added Style

Enhance your protective styles by incorporating accessories. Discover how a simple accessory can elevate your look.

Celebrity Inspiration

Celebrities often set trends, and natural hairstyles are no exception. Explore which celebrities have embraced these protective styles and how it has positively impacted their hair.

Transitioning to Natural Hair: What to Expect

If you’re considering transitioning to natural hair, understanding the challenges and rewards is crucial. Discover what to expect and how these protective styles can ease the transition.

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