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9 Nail Art Trends You’re About to See Everywhere in 2024


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Nail art trends are constantly evolving, and 2024 is no exception. From minimalist designs to bold statements, this year’s nail art trends offer something for everyone. Whether you prefer classic elegance or experimental styles, these nine nail art trends are about to dominate the beauty scene in 2024.

1. Floating French Tips: A Modern Twist

Created by celebrity nail artist Julie Kandalec for the Staud spring/summer show at NYFW, floating French tips offer a modern update to the classic French manicure. This simple yet stylish nail art trend adds a touch of sophistication to any look.

2. Ultra-Glossy Nails: Embracing Shiny Textures

Layering different textures to achieve a glossy nail look is set to be a major trend in 2024. According to nail artist Julie Kandalec, this trend allows for creativity and experimentation, making it a favorite among beauty enthusiasts.

3. Short, Square Nails: Emphasizing Natural and Clean Styles

Short, squared-off nails are making a comeback in 2024, reflecting a preference for natural and clean styles. This timeless nail shape is favored by many celebrities and complements a wide range of looks, from casual to elegant.

4. Chocolate Milk Nails: A Shift Towards Simplicity

In 2024, nail art is taking a simpler approach, with neutral colors like chocolate milk gaining popularity. This understated yet chic trend, favored by nail artist Hannah Lee, offers a clean and natural look that pairs well with any outfit.

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5. Aura Nails: Y2K Revival with a Modern Touch

Aura nails, a trend inspired by Y2K aesthetics, are set to continue their popularity in 2024. Characterized by vibrant shades, 3D effects, and rhinestones, this trend adds a playful and futuristic vibe to any manicure.

6. Simple Rhinestone: Less is More

In contrast to elaborate crystal designs, simple rhinestone nail art is gaining traction in 2024. As seen at fashion shows like Sandy Liang’s spring/summer 2024 collection, this minimalist trend offers a subtle yet sophisticated embellishment to nails.

7. Sheer Nail: Trendy and Elegant

A sheer, rosy pink hue is emerging as a trendy choice for nails in 2024. This elegant and understated look, showcased at the Michael Kors spring/summer 2024 show by nail artist Jin Soon Choi, adds a touch of sophistication to any manicure.

8. Oyster Nails: Adding Dewy Shine to Your Manicure

Inspired by the dewy glow of oyster shells, this nail art trend adds a glossy finish to nails. Popularized by fashion brands like Sandy Liang, Annie’s Ibiza, and Alice and Olivia, oyster nails offer a chic and luminous aesthetic.

As we step into 2024, the world of nail art is brimming with creativity and innovation. From modern twists on classic designs to minimalist chic, the upcoming year promises an exciting array of nail art trends that cater to every style preference. Whether you’re a fan of bold statements or subtle elegance, these nine trends are sure to inspire your next manicure.

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