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The Top 9 Ratter Dogs: The Ultimate Rat Hunting Breeds


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If you’ve ever found yourself dealing with a rodent infestation at home, you’re well aware of how troublesome it can be. The incessant pitter-patter of tiny feet scurrying through your walls and the discovery of nibbled food can be incredibly frustrating. It’s a situation that often leaves homeowners feeling exasperated and seeking effective solutions. That’s where ratter dogs come to the rescue.

These remarkable canines possess an innate talent for hunting and capturing rodents. They are, in every sense, essential allies in the battle against household pests. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of the top 9 ratter dogs. We’ll explore their unique characteristics, delve into the reasons why they are the best choice for keeping your living space rodent-free, and provide insights into how these furry companions can make your life more comfortable and pest-free.

Ratter Dogs

Ratter dogs, also known as terriers, are a remarkable group of canines renowned for their unparalleled ability to combat one of the most common household nuisances: rodents. These dogs have been specifically bred and trained for generations to excel at hunting, tracking, and capturing rodents, making them invaluable allies in pest control. In this section, we will explore the world of ratter dogs, their unique characteristics, and why they are the preferred choice for keeping homes and properties rodent-free.

These extraordinary dogs are equipped with a set of innate qualities that set them apart from other breeds. Their natural instincts, unyielding determination, and compact size combine to make them highly efficient rodent controllers. When you have a ratter dog by your side, you can rest assured that your space will be free from the scurrying and nibbling of unwelcome pests.

The Top 9 Ratter Dogs

When it comes to enlisting the help of ratter dogs to combat pesky rodents, you’ll find that these canine companions are worth their weight in gold. Let’s delve into the world of the top 9 ratter dogs, each with its unique set of skills and traits that make them invaluable in the war against rodents.

Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier is nothing short of legendary when it comes to its boundless energy and fearless attitude. These small dynamites are natural-born hunters, and they possess an unmatched ability to chase down rodents, even in the tightest of spaces. Their compact size allows them to navigate through the smallest crevices, making them excellent rat hunters.

Border Terrier

Border Terriers are a delightful blend of affectionate nature and a strong prey drive. These dogs are experts at flushing out rodents from their cunning hiding spots. What sets them apart is their intelligence and determination, which make them ideal for this rodent-hunting task.

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Yorkshire Terrier

Don’t let the elegant appearance of Yorkshire Terriers fool you; beneath that refined exterior lies a tenacious hunting instinct. Their small size is an advantage, enabling them to access areas that larger dogs can’t. This unique quality makes them incredibly efficient at tracking down rats and mice.

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With their distinctively elongated bodies and sharp noses, Dachshunds are formidable ratter dogs. They were originally bred for hunting burrowing animals, and their hunting instincts remain deeply ingrained. What’s more, their low profile allows them to enter tunnels and root out pests with remarkable precision.

Rat Terrier

As the name suggests, Rat Terriers are born to hunt rodents. These agile and alert dogs have an impressive success rate when it comes to catching rats. Their enthusiasm for the hunt is unmatched, and they tackle their rodent-hunting mission with unwavering determination.

Norfolk Terrier

Norfolk Terriers may be small in stature, but they possess immense courage and determination. Their fearless disposition, coupled with a strong prey drive and quick reflexes, makes them highly adept at catching rodents.

Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzers are well-known for their distinctive beard and keen hunting skills. They excel in the art of chasing and capturing rodents, thanks to their lively nature and high energy levels.

Cairn Terrier

Cairn Terriers have achieved fame through their role as “Toto” in “The Wizard of Oz.” These feisty and adventurous canines are excellent at hunting rats, and their small size is a significant advantage in navigating tight spaces.

West Highland White Terrier

Fondly known as Westies, these dogs are celebrated for their playful and cheerful demeanor. They are not only delightful companions but also skilled ratter dogs. Their sharp senses and deeply ingrained hunting instincts set them apart in the world of rodent control.


When it comes to the relentless battle against rodents, ratter dogs emerge as your ultimate allies. Their exceptional qualities set them apart in the quest for effective rodent control. These canines are equipped with natural instincts, unwavering determination, and a size that gives them a distinct advantage in this fight.

Their natural instincts are finely tuned for the task at hand. Through generations of breeding and honing their skills, ratter dogs have developed an unparalleled ability to sniff out, track, and capture rodents. It’s as if their very DNA is hardwired for this purpose.

But it’s not just their instincts that make them remarkable; it’s their unyielding determination. Once a ratter dog catches the scent of a rodent, it becomes a mission they pursue with relentless energy. They’re not easily discouraged and will tirelessly search every nook and cranny until they’ve eradicated the pest.


Q: How do ratter dogs differ from other breeds?

Ratter dogs possess a strong prey drive and were originally bred for hunting rodents, making them more efficient in pest control than other breeds.

Q: Are ratter dogs suitable for families?

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