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Exploring the Evolution: Ranking All 8 Superman Suits from Worst to Best


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Superman, the iconic superhero, has been donning various suits throughout his comic book history. Each suit tells a unique story, and fans have their own opinions on which ones stand out. Let’s delve into the world of Superman fashion and rank all 8 suits from the least favored to the absolute best.

Electric Blue Superman Suit (1997-1998)

This suit, a result of Superman’s encounter with Conduit, is often criticized for its departure from the traditional red and blue color scheme. Fans were divided, and the brief stint of Superman in electric blue didn’t resonate well with many.

Solar Suit (Superman Blue) (1998)

Following the Electric Blue period, Superman’s powers underwent a change, leading to the adoption of the solar suit. While the concept was interesting, the execution received mixed reviews. The suit aimed to absorb solar energy but left fans longing for the classic look.

Regeneration Suit (2003)

In the “Superman: Birthright” storyline, Superman sported a suit with the unique ability to repair itself. While the idea of a self-repairing suit was innovative, the design failed to captivate fans as much as other classic renditions.

New 52 Superman Suit (2011-2016)

The New 52 redesign brought a modernized look to Superman’s attire, but opinions were divided. Some appreciated the fresh take, while others felt it strayed too far from the iconic costume. It marked a significant departure and sparked debates among fans.

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Superman Red and Blue Suits (1998)

During the “Electric Superman” era, Superman was split into two beings, each with its own colored suit. The red and blue suits symbolized the character’s duality. While it was a bold move, some fans found it hard to accept such a radical departure from the classic costume.

Kingdom Come Superman Suit

Although not the traditional Superman costume, the Kingdom Come version has become iconic in its own right. Depicting an older and battle-hardened Superman, this suit adds a layer of depth to the character’s narrative and stands out as a unique and memorable design.

DCEU Superman Suit (Man of Steel and beyond)

Henry Cavill’s Superman suit in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) has stirred mixed reviews. While some appreciate the more textured and cinematic look, others find it diverging too much from the classic aesthetic. The suit’s reception varies, reflecting the diverse opinions of fans.

Classic Superman Suit

The timeless red and blue suit with the iconic “S” emblem is undeniably the best. Synonymous with Superman’s identity, this classic suit embodies the essence of the character. Its simplicity, vibrant colors, and historical significance make it a fan-favorite, standing tall as the quintessential Superman attire.

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