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Skip These 10 Home Renovations That Are Going Out of Style


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Embracing a modern aesthetic involves more than just choosing the right paint color. Home renovations play a crucial role in keeping your living space up-to-date. Let’s explore ten renovations that are making their way out of style and discover the contemporary alternatives that can breathe new life into your home.

1. Wallpaper Borders: A Farewell to Frills

Bid farewell to the era of wallpaper borders. Modernize your space with cleaner and more sophisticated wall finishes that contribute to a sleek and contemporary atmosphere.

2. Popcorn Ceilings: Smooth and Sleek

Popcorn ceilings, once a staple, are making an exit. Choose smooth ceilings for a more contemporary look that complements a modern interior.

3. Heavy Drapes: Lighter Window Elegance

Say goodbye to heavy drapes and embrace lighter window treatments. Sheer curtains or blinds offer a fresher and more elegant feel to your living spaces.

4. Matching Furniture Sets: Embracing Eclectic Styles

Coordinated furniture sets are on the decline. Embrace an eclectic and personalized style by mixing and matching different furniture pieces for a unique and contemporary home.

5. Accent Walls: Beyond the Spotlight

While accent walls had their moment, a more cohesive color scheme is now favored for a timeless and unified look that complements the entire space.

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6. Tuscan-Inspired Decor: Modern Simplicity Takes Over

Bid farewell to the Tuscan-inspired era. Transform your kitchens and living spaces with cleaner lines and neutral tones for a modern aesthetic that stands the test of time.

7. Over-the-Top Bathtubs: Minimalist Elegance

Massive, ornate tubs are stepping aside. Embrace minimalist designs with freestanding tubs for a contemporary and elegant bathroom upgrade.

8. Word Art: From Quotes to Subtle Statements

Inspirational quotes as wall art have peaked. Explore more subtle and artistic decor options that add personality without overwhelming your space.

9. Matching Fixtures: Embracing Diversity

Uniform fixtures throughout the home are losing popularity. Experiment with mixed metals and styles to create a dynamic and visually interesting home.

10. Carpet Everywhere: Unveiling Stylish Flooring Options

Wall-to-wall carpeting is on the decline. Consider hardwood or other stylish flooring options for a cleaner and more fashionable home.

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