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Top 7 Ways to Use Highlights to Cover Gray Hair


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Embracing your natural gray hair can be a beautiful and empowering choice, but for those who prefer to cover their greys, highlights can be an excellent solution. Highlights not only camouflage gray hair but also add depth and dimension to your overall look. When done right, they can create a natural and seamless blend. In this guide, we’ll explore seven ways to use highlights to cover gray hair effectively.

Best Ways Use Highlights to Cover Gray Hair

Highlights are an excellent way to elegantly cover gray hair, adding depth and dimension to your locks.

1. Choose the Right Shade

Achieving effective gray coverage through highlights hinges on the shade selection process. Opting for a hair color slightly lighter than your natural hue is pivotal. This subtle contrast facilitates a seamless blend, enabling the gray strands to integrate naturally with the rest of your hair. The chosen shade creates an illusion of depth, making the presence of gray less prominent and giving a more blended, cohesive appearance to your overall hair color. This strategic approach ensures a graceful transition, allowing the gray to harmoniously merge with the highlighted strands for a flattering and natural look.

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2. Placement Matters

Strategic placement of highlights plays a pivotal role in concealing gray strands effectively. Targeting specific areas where gray hair is more noticeable, such as around the face, crown, and parting, is key. By strategically applying highlights in these focal points, you create a clever diversion, drawing attention away from the gray. These well-placed highlights not only cover the gray but also introduce depth and dimension to your hair, enhancing its overall texture and movement. This technique ensures a more balanced, natural appearance, as the highlights seamlessly blend with your base color, creating a harmonious, flattering look.

3. Techniques

Choosing professional highlighting methods such as balayage or foiling significantly impacts gray coverage. Balayage, renowned for its sun-kissed outcome, delivers a softer regrowth line, ideal for gracefully growing out gray coverage. This technique involves hand-painting highlights onto select sections of hair, blending seamlessly with your natural color for a more gradual transition as your hair grows. Conversely, foiling offers a more precise application, ensuring comprehensive coverage of gray strands. Using foils allows for targeted placement of highlights, effectively camouflaging grays with a more uniform color distribution. Selecting the right highlighting method tailored to your preferences and maintenance needs can dictate how seamlessly and gracefully your gray hair is covered.

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4. Aim for a Natural Look

Achieving a seamless and natural appearance in your highlights involves steering clear of sharp contrasts against your natural hair color. Opting for subtle highlights is key, as they foster a gentle and gradual transition between the highlighted strands and your base color. These subtle touches create a more blended effect, ensuring a softer and more organic look. By avoiding stark differences, the highlights seamlessly merge with your natural hair, offering a more cohesive and harmonious finish. This subtlety in the highlighting process ensures that the transition from gray to colored strands appears more natural and less abrupt, contributing to an overall graceful and flattering outcome.

5. Frequency of Touch-ups

An advantageous aspect of utilizing highlights for gray coverage is the minimized visibility of regrowth in comparison to single-process color treatments. Highlighting offers a more blended and diffused transition between your natural hair color and the highlighted strands. Consequently, the regrowth line is subtler and less conspicuous, requiring fewer touch-ups. This reduced need for frequent maintenance makes managing gray coverage more convenient and manageable. With highlights, the softer regrowth diminishes the urgency for constant salon visits, providing a more forgiving approach to upkeep while still maintaining a polished and well-blended appearance.

6. Professional Help

While DIY highlighting kits exist, seeking guidance from a professional colorist is strongly advised. These specialists possess the expertise needed to personalize both the shade and placement of highlights, considering factors like your specific skin tone, hair texture, and gray coverage requirements. Their expertise ensures a customized approach, tailored to your preferences and designed to complement your individual features. Relying on professional guidance not only guarantees personalized results but also prioritizes the health and integrity of your hair. Their knowledge and skills ensure that the highlighting process is carefully executed, minimizing potential damage while achieving a customized and flattering outcome tailored specifically to you.

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7. Maintain Hair Health

Highlighted hair, particularly when used to cover gray, tends to be more susceptible to dryness. To safeguard the health and vibrancy of your hair, it’s crucial to incorporate color-safe and hydrating hair care products into your routine. Opt for products specifically formulated to preserve the color and moisture balance of both your natural and highlighted hair. These specialized products work to maintain the integrity of your strands, preventing dryness and potential damage caused by highlighting treatments. By using hydrating and color-safe hair care, you ensure that your hair remains nourished, retains its vibrancy, and stays resilient, maintaining a healthy appearance despite the highlighting process.

Bottom Line

In summary, utilizing highlights to cover gray hair proves to be a striking and successful method to attain your desired appearance. By selecting the appropriate shade, employing strategic placement, leveraging professional techniques, and emphasizing natural-looking results, you can achieve stunning coverage of gray strands. These meticulously executed highlights seamlessly merge with your hair’s innate beauty, creating a harmonious and blended look. With a thoughtful approach to shade selection, precise application, and a focus on achieving a natural outcome, you can revel in the beauty of gracefully covered grays that effortlessly complement your overall hair aesthetic.


Can highlights completely cover my gray hair?

Highlights are used strategically to blend gray hair with your natural color rather than entirely covering it. They provide a more subtle transition and disguise the gray effectively.

How do I choose the right shade of highlights for covering gray hair?

Opt for a shade that is a few tones lighter than your natural hair color. This helps blend the gray seamlessly while creating a natural look.

Will highlights damage my hair or make it more dry?

Highlights can potentially cause dryness, but using quality, color-safe hair care products and regular conditioning can help maintain moisture and minimize damage.

How often will I need to touch up my highlights for gray coverage?

Touch-ups depend on the rate of your hair growth and how prominent the gray is. On average, every 6-8 weeks ensures a maintained and blended appearance.

Can I get highlights to cover gray at home, or should I consult a professional?

While DIY kits exist, seeking guidance from a professional colorist is recommended for personalized results that suit your hair type, ensuring effective coverage and hair health.

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