10 major Signs That You Are Being Stalked


Stalking occurs when someone persistently contacts you despite your disinterest.

Persistent and unwanted attention


Stalkers may excessively track your online presence, social media profiles, and physical movements.

Excessive monitoring


Receiving numerous unsolicited messages, emails, or phone calls from someone, especially after you have requested no contact, is a red flag.

Unwanted communication


Finding evidence that someone has been snooping around your personal belongings, home, or car, or if you notice signs of forced entry or tampering, indicates a potential stalker.

Invasion of privacy


Receiving unexpected gifts, letters, or messages that make you feel uncomfortable, fearful, or harassed could be an indication of stalking behavior.

Unusual gifts or gestures


It is concerning if someone follows you, loiters near your home or workplace, or appears in places you frequent.

Persistent following or surveillance


A stalker may lie about you to harm your reputation or cause you stress.

Unfounded accusations or rumors


Discovering that the person shows up at events or gatherings you attend without a legitimate reason or invitation is a warning sign.

Unexplained presence at events


Stalkers send threatening or derogatory messages, create fake profiles, and spread malicious content on digital platforms.

Online harassment


You should have faith in your gut instincts.

Feeling constantly watched or unsafe

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