10 Types Of Stylish Man – Which One Are You?

Classic Gentleman: Timeless elegance, tailored suits, polished shoes, and traditional accessories.

Street Style Icon: Edgy urban look with sneakers, hoodies, graphic tees, and bold accessories.

Preppy Perfectionist: Clean-cut, collegiate-inspired fashion with button-down shirts, chinos, and boat shoes.

Minimalist Maven: Simplicity with monochromatic palettes, clean lines, and high-quality basics.

Bohemian Free Spirit: Comfort and laid-back vibes with flowing fabrics, earthy tones, and eclectic patterns.

Rugged Adventurer: Prepared for anything with outdoor-inspired attire like cargo pants and hiking boots.

Luxury Connoisseur: Embraces quality and opulence with designer labels and fine materials.

Tech-Savvy Trendsetter: Ahead of the curve with tech-inspired fashion and futuristic elements.

Vintage Aficionado: Collector of vintage gems, creating a unique retro-inspired look.

Eclectic Mixologist: Uniquely blends various fashion elements, creating a diverse and personal style.