7 Worst Roman Emperors in History

Nero (r. 54-68 AD): Known for his tyranny, Nero is infamous for persecuting Christians, extravagant spending, and allegedly setting fire to Rome. 

Caligula (r. 37-41 AD): His reign was marked by extravagance, cruelty, and a perceived disregard for the Senate, leading to his assassination. 

Commodus (r. 180-192 AD): His reign was characterized by corruption, excessive self-indulgence, and a desire to be seen as a gladiator. 

Caracalla (r. 211-217 AD): Caracalla is remembered for his oppressive policies, heavy taxation, and the mass killing of citizens in Alexandria. 

Elagabalus (r. 218-222 AD): Known for his scandalous behavior and attempts to introduce the worship of his god Elagabalus, he was eventually assassinated. 

Maximinus Thrax (r. 235-238 AD): His brutal military background led to widespread unrest, and his rule is associated with harsh taxation and oppression. 

Domitian (r. 81-96 AD): Although he had some successes, his rule also included authoritarian tendencies, political purges, and a suppression of freedoms.