Are Dogs Color Blind?

Limited Color Perception: Dogs have dichromatic vision, meaning they primarily see two colors: blue and yellow. They perceive the world in shades of blue and yellow, along with various shades of gray.

Lack of Red and Green: Dogs lack the receptors for red and green wavelengths, so they cannot distinguish between these colors. To them, red appears as a shade of gray or brown

Blue-Yellow Discrimination: Dogs can differentiate between blue and yellow, which is why many dog toys are designed in these colors.

Low Color Intensity: Dogs perceive colors with lower intensity and vibrancy compared to humans. Colors that might be vivid to us appear muted to dogs.

Strong Motion and Contrast Detection: Dogs have superior motion detection and contrast sensitivity. They can spot moving objects and differences in brightness exceptionally well

Reliance on Other Senses: While dogs may have limited color vision, they rely heavily on their sense of smell and hearing to navigate and understand their environment. 

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