Classic French pastries: 7 Croissants and eclairs

Butter Layers

The key to flaky croissants lies in the layers of butter folded into the dough. Roll and fold the dough several times to create these layers, resulting in the signature airy texture.

Proofing Time

Allow the croissant dough to rise properly during proofing. This step ensures the right level of puffiness and softness in the final baked product.

Shaping Technique

Roll out the dough into triangles and then gently roll them up tightly to form crescent shapes. Proper shaping prevents the croissants from unraveling while baking.

Egg Wash

Brush the croissants with an egg wash before baking. This gives them a beautiful golden-brown color and a glossy finish.

Choux Pastry

Éclairs are made with choux pastry, a light dough that puffs up during baking. Properly cooking the dough on the stovetop before adding eggs is crucial for achieving the right texture.

Filling Creativity

Fill éclairs with a variety of delicious fillings like pastry cream, whipped cream, or flavored custards. Inject the filling using a piping bag or cut the éclairs in half and spoon it in.

Chocolate Glaze

Dip the tops of your éclairs in a luscious chocolate glaze for a rich finish. Use a ganache or a simple mixture of melted chocolate and cream.

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