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The 12+ Dreamiest Wedding Venues In America


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When orchestrating the perfect wedding, selecting the ideal venue is a pivotal decision that can elevate or diminish the entire experience. In the following pages of this article, we invite you on an enchanting journey through the 12+ Dreamiest Wedding Venues In America. From picturesque beachfront locales to opulent historic mansions, these venues promise to transform your special day into a real-life fairy tale.

Your choice of venue sets the stage for the entire wedding experience. It’s the backdrop against which your love story unfolds, and as such, it holds the power to make your day truly magical. Each venue we’ll explore has its unique charm and character, catering to a diverse range of tastes and preferences. Whether you dream of saying your vows amidst lush gardens, in a grand mansion, or with the ocean’s waves as your soundtrack, these wedding venues offer an array of enchanting options.

The 12+ Dreamiest Wedding Venues In America

The Biltmore Estate (Asheville, North Carolina):

The Biltmore Estate, situated in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains, is a historic estate that offers an enchanting backdrop for a fairy-tale wedding. The centerpiece of this venue is the magnificent Biltmore House, a grand château with architecture reminiscent of a French Renaissance castle. You can exchange your vows in the estate’s beautifully landscaped gardens, under a canopy of old-growth trees, or within the opulent halls of the Biltmore House itself. Every corner of this estate exudes elegance and romance, making it a perfect setting for a wedding that feels like a royal affair.

The Plaza Hotel (New York City, New York):

The Plaza Hotel, a legendary icon in the heart of New York City, promises an experience of sheer luxury and old-world charm for your wedding. Its lavishly adorned ballrooms and ornate décor capture the essence of classic Manhattan glamour. Whether you choose to have your ceremony in the opulent Palm Court, under its grand chandeliers, or in the grandeur of the Grand Ballroom, your wedding at The Plaza Hotel will be an epitome of timeless romance and sophistication.

Big Sur, California:

Big Sur, located along California’s rugged coastline, is a place of breathtaking beauty, offering an awe-inspiring setting for a coastal wedding. The dramatic cliffs and untouched landscapes of this region provide an unspoiled natural backdrop for your special day. Say your vows while overlooking the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean or amid the towering redwoods that are emblematic of this region. A wedding in Big Sur is an invitation to embrace the raw and untamed beauty of nature in one of the most picturesque coastal destinations in the United States.

Charleston, South Carolina:

Charleston, South Carolina, is a city that embodies Southern charm and romance. With its cobblestone streets, antebellum architecture, and historic plantations, it creates an ideal atmosphere for a romantic wedding. You can choose to exchange your vows in a charming garden, a historic church, or an elegant plantation venue. A wedding in Charleston is like stepping back in time to celebrate amid the grace and allure of the Old South.

The Greenbrier (White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia):

For a classic and elegant wedding, The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, offers a perfect venue. This luxurious resort, nestled in the Allegheny Mountains, features stunning gardens, opulent ballrooms, and a level of service that is second to none. The Greenbrier provides a timeless backdrop for a classic wedding, where you and your guests can revel in the timeless beauty and grace of this remarkable location.

Napa Valley, California:

Napa Valley, often referred to as wine country, is a premier destination for a vineyard wedding. The scenic beauty of rolling vineyard-covered hills, picturesque wineries, and the temperate California climate make it an excellent choice for wine enthusiasts and couples seeking a romantic setting. Imagine exchanging vows amidst rows of grapevines with the sun setting over the Napa Valley hills, followed by a reception featuring the region’s finest wines. Napa Valley provides not only stunning views but also a taste of exceptional wine culture.

The Amangani (Jackson Hole, Wyoming):

For those who have an affinity for the mountains, The Amangani in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, offers a serene and luxurious mountain wedding experience. Set amidst the stunning Teton Mountains, this resort is known for its refined alpine charm. The Amangani’s rustic yet elegant atmosphere provides an idyllic backdrop for a mountain wedding, where you can enjoy the tranquility of nature while indulging in high-end amenities and service.

Maui, Hawaii:

Maui, one of Hawaii’s beautiful islands, is a tropical paradise that is synonymous with white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. This island is a dream destination for couples who want to tie the knot with a backdrop of lush palm trees, turquoise waves, and vibrant sunsets. Whether you choose a beachfront ceremony or a garden setting, a Maui wedding is a romantic and unforgettable experience in the heart of the Pacific.

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New Orleans, Louisiana:

New Orleans, with its historic French Quarter and distinctive architecture, offers a unique and lively wedding location. The city’s vibrant culture, jazz music, and Creole cuisine add a special flair to any celebration. You can opt for a ceremony in a charming courtyard, a historic church, or even on a traditional steamboat along the Mississippi River. A New Orleans wedding is an opportunity to infuse your special day with the city’s lively spirit and cultural richness.

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The Grand Canyon (Arizona):

For adventurous couples who appreciate natural wonders, the Grand Canyon provides an awe-inspiring backdrop for your wedding. Imagine exchanging vows at the edge of this iconic canyon, with its vast and majestic landscape as your witness. The sheer scale and breathtaking vistas of the Grand Canyon make it a unique and unforgettable location for a wedding that’s sure to be an adventure of a lifetime.

Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada:

Lake Tahoe, nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountains, is a stunning alpine lake that serves as a beautiful destination for a mountain wedding. Surrounded by pine forests and offering a crystal-clear lake with a backdrop of snow-capped peaks, Lake Tahoe provides a picture-perfect setting for an outdoor wedding. You can choose to marry by the lake’s shores or within one of the charming mountain resorts, creating a memorable experience for you and your guests.

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts:

Martha’s Vineyard, an island just off the coast of Massachusetts, offers a picturesque setting for a coastal wedding. This charming location is characterized by sandy beaches, historic lighthouses, and quaint New England villages. With its blend of natural beauty and coastal charm, Martha’s Vineyard is ideal for couples who seek a serene and scenic location to celebrate their love.

Aspen, Colorado:

For those who adore winter wonderlands, a wedding in Aspen, Colorado, can fulfill that dream. With its snow-covered mountains, charming ski lodges, and the enchantment of falling snowflakes, Aspen provides a magical setting for a winter wedding. You can choose to exchange vows on a mountain peak, followed by a cozy reception in a luxurious lodge. An Aspen wedding is all about embracing the beauty and charm of a snowy paradise.

Savannah, Georgia:

Savannah, Georgia, is known for its historic squares and oak-lined streets, creating a Southern romantic atmosphere. The city’s antebellum architecture, cobblestone streets, and Spanish moss-draped oak trees make it a captivating place for a wedding. Whether you decide on an intimate garden ceremony or a more elaborate celebration in a historic mansion, a Savannah wedding captures the timeless charm of the South.


Your wedding day is a truly momentous occasion, a day that marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life, a day filled with love, promise, and joy. Such a significant day deserves a venue that is as extraordinary and unique as the love you and your partner share. Fortunately, the United States is home to a wide array of stunning wedding venues, each offering its own special magic to make your wedding day unforgettable.

These 12+ dreamy wedding venues scattered across America provide an array of options to suit every taste and preference. From the ethereal charm of picturesque gardens to the opulence of grand ballrooms and the awe-inspiring beauty of beachfront locations, the possibilities are as diverse as your dreams.


Q: How do I choose the perfect wedding venue?

A: To find the ideal wedding venue, consider your budget, guest list, and the atmosphere you desire. The 12+ Dreamiest Wedding Venues in America offer a variety of options to suit your preferences.

Q: Are these venues budget-friendly?

A: While some of these venues may be on the higher end, there are options to fit various budgets. It’s essential to prioritize what aspects of the venue are most important to you.

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