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The 8 Best Places To See The 2024 Solar Eclipse In The South


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The 2024 solar eclipse is set to be an awe-inspiring celestial event, captivating observers across the southern United States. To make the most of this rare occurrence, it’s crucial to choose the right viewing location. Here are eight of the best places in the South to witness the 2024 solar eclipse and immerse yourself in this breathtaking phenomenon.

1. San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, also known as Alamo City, is gearing up for the solar eclipse in totality. On April 8, numerous watching parties will take place around the city, but the rooftop of the Thompson San Antonio Riverwalk hotel offers an excellent viewing site.

2. Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth will experience totality for 2 minutes and 30 seconds at 1:40 p.m. CST. The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History and Fort Worth Botanic Garden will host a community watch party with family-friendly activities.

3. Houston, Texas

Although Houston won’t witness totality, it will still experience 94% obscuration, which is high compared to other U.S. cities. One notable event is the Total Solar Eclipse Celebration at Space Center Houston.

4. Grapevine, Texas

Grapevine, located in the Texas Hill Country, offers broad areas and stunning views, making it an ideal eclipse destination. The Main Street Historic District will host a massive celebration with galactic-themed food and drink offers.

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5. Kerrville, Texas

As NASA’s Primary Eclipse Partner, Texas Hill Country is a hotspot for eclipse enthusiasts. The NASA Kerrville Eclipse Festival will take place at Louise Hays Park on April 8, just miles from totality.

6. Little Rock, Arkansas

The University of Arkansas in Little Rock will host educational discussions, family-friendly games, and laser displays throughout the day. The eclipse will occur at 1:51 p.m. CST and last 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

7. Hot Springs, Arkansas

Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas is one of the most popular eclipse viewing spots, being one of two national parks in the line of totality for the 2024 eclipse.

8. Branson, Missouri

Although Branson will miss totality, it will experience about 99% darkness. The city offers many attractions for eclipse trips, including watch parties with themed refreshments at Branson Lakes Resort and Branson Woods Resort.

The 2024 solar eclipse promises to be a spectacular event, and these eight locations in the South offer some of the best opportunities to witness it. Whether you’re in Texas, Arkansas, or Missouri, you’re sure to be amazed by the beauty and wonder of this celestial phenomenon.

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